In this week, we focused on the aesthetic of the game and punched through a list of miscellaneous tasks that needed to be completed.

As part of the feedback we received. People like to plan 2 moves ahead. We’ve changed the seeds that are displayed on the launchers so that the game shows the next two colors instead of one, to provide more information. Along with this, we’ve iterated the style of the launcher which animates the first part to bounce the seed in to the grid, and then catches the next one. This will be iterated further in the coming days so that it feels nicer and more fluid.




We’ve added 3 power ups…

The Bomb:




The Switch:




The Color Bomb:




On difficult levels, these tools will be used to complete the level. This is where level designing will be very important to find the right balance between difficulty and skill and which encourages the use of these items that will be in-app purchases and rewards. We want the player to feel happy and clever for using them, as they foresee the sequence of events that will happen, to enable them to swipe that very last shape they need to complete the level.

More work is needed on the flowers that represent the individual power-ups. More clarity on which power up is which, the on/off states and an animation of it, as one is used.


This is an example of the different moods we’re trying to create for the different chapters of the game. We now have the ability to choose 3 layers for each level. A background that will splash the colour pallet of the level, a mid-ground for the arrangement of stars & weather effects and a foreground where it shows flowers and rocks. We can set a combination of these to create a larger amount of content and will tie in with the narrative and Ruya’s journey.




Taking into account the direction of the game design that has been made in the last couple of weeks, we realised that the up-tempo, bouncy themes already written for the game weren’t really fitting the new mood. The new Ruya wants to communicate a sense of peace to the player, the gameplay has a more relaxing pace as we got rid of any time restrictions. This needed to be reflected by the background music which has been stripped down to fewer layers and dropped in bpm, from the bouncy 120, down to a more chill out 90.

Long sustained chords replaced the short staccatos of the original theme but still keeping the same catchy melody that received good feedback from our testers.

We’re also experimenting with matching some ambience sound to the music to enhance immersion. Sounds like rain, fire, wind, crickets and waves are commonly known for their calming effects on the listener. So after gathering some recordings of these elements, we played them during gameplay together with the music, and we’re now looking to implement matching visuals.


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