Tranzfuser Week #2

End of Week Two

This week has been busy and we’re coming up with new ideas each and every day, showing just how dynamic and changing, game design is. The core game tasks have mostly been complete such as the level system, level unlock process, transitions from the level select to the game and back again once achieved/failed. As well as the bubble mechanic.

The bubble mechanic is where a shape needs to be swiped on specific cells/bubbles for the bubble to pop. This creates a whole new experience, one that is more challenging and much more strategic. Instead of swiping a shape as soon as you see one. The bubbles at the lower end of the grid require the player to build up the game pieces and in turn create more risk of running out of spaces. The optimal way is to group the game pieces via colour and then be able to swipe shapes in an emergency. But this risks running out of swipes on the swipe count per level. It’s going to be a great balance, with immense amount of tuning but I think will create a real fun and challenging experience, different every level.

We’ve also designed the star system that grades the player on each level. The first star is measured on the lowest requirements to complete the level – achieving the score, removing bubbles etc. Then it measures on how many swipes are left and swiping shapes in quick succession gaining higher multipliers.

The Week starting today is focused on

  • Adding the second game mode, rising balloons. – Every so often a (helium)balloon will be placed at the bottom of the grid and will rise to the next closest creature who will grab it. Each time a shape is swiped the creature lets go and it will be grabbed by the next creature until it can reach the top and float away.
  • Menu to level select transition and music.
  • Implementing different grid sizes.
  • Adding new music to get a sense of feel to the new game modes and level transition.


This will give us a great foundation to start building new and varied levels.

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